EasyRx Practice

Lab prescription software for the digital practice.

Manage your lab prescriptions and digital workflow like never before

With EasyRx Practice, an integrated, cloud-based case management software, you get one easy-to-manage digital workflow that submits, manages, and tracks your prescriptions so patients get their appliances on time.

  • Manage and track all patient lab, clear aligner, and digital prescriptions, including third party case tracking like Invisalign, SureSmile and Clear Aligner
  • Communicate securely and efficiently with your labs
  • Manage your in-house lab
  • Implement EasyRx 3D to view and base STL files

All-in-One Digital Workflow

Eliminate the frustration of lost or delayed appliances due to manual workflows between your practice and lab, with an all-in-one digital workflow solution that makes every part of the prescription and workflow process easy. With the EasyRx Practice digital workflow, you can:

  • Digitally design, manage, and share patient’s appliance prescriptions and supporting digital files. (including STL files)
  • Use the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form to create all your lab, clear aligner, and digital prescriptions
  • Save your staff time, frustration and reduce errors by creating and saving custom prescription templates
  • Use the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System to setup a clear aligner workflow to track and manage your aligner cases

Plans Built for Your Practice

EasyRx offers 3 tiers of plans to meet the specific needs of your practice: Standard, EasyRx3D – Standard, and Premium.

Connect with your labs

Communication between practices and labs is crucial for delivering the highest level of patient care and ensuring patients receive their appliances on time. With EasyRx, the communication between practices and labs is transparent and easy to manage!

  • Invite any commercial lab to sign up to receive EasyRx cases, free of charge
  • View up-to-date statuses of prescriptions
  • See your lab’s standard pricing on prescriptions, allowing you to communicate openly with your patients
  • Enter prescription feedback, providing feedback to your labs on the quality of the prescriptions

Manage your In-House Lab

EasyRx offers the only in-house lab management software, providing one easy-to-manage workflow for your in-house lab.

  • Submit prescriptions and digital files to your in-house lab
  • Digitally receive Rxs with supporting digital files, including STL
  • Implement EasyRx 3D user-controlled editing tools and AI-powered automated editing tools to prepare and manage your in-house 3D printing

Be the modern, efficient practice everyone loves to be treated by.

EasyRx is an essential part of our office systems. It is how all parts of the office, the front, the lab and the clinic stay on top of our appliances. It allows for very smooth communication and tracking with our outside lab. It helps us prepare our digital scan files for 3D printing. I would highly recommend this software to any office that needs to streamline their lab procedures and is 3D printing.
Jordan Millar, DMD, MS
North Shore Orthodontics
EasyRx has combined, simplified and enhanced one of the areas of our practice that needed help.  Before EasyRx, we were constantly revisiting our lab work tracking system.  After implementing EasyRx, it is the best system hands down.  We’ve recently gone digital and that created a whole new set of tracking problems.  EasyRx has been great for our conversion to digital and I’m not sure how we could continue to manage without it. 

Neil C. Kanning , DMD, MS
Kanning Orthodontics
EasyRx allows us to streamline our digital workflow by connecting both of our offices to our In-house Lab.  It also allows us to pull scans from our different devices. Simply put , it connects all the dots for use with the different scanners and lab software. We love the tracking ability for appliances . 
Don Spillers, DMD, MS
Spillers Orthodontics

FAQs About Modernizing Your Practice With EasyRx

An all-in-one digital workflow solution makes every part of the prescription and workflow process easy. Here are some FAQs to show you how easy it is. And why it’s so worth it.

Go Digital. Go EasyRx.

EasyRx Practice optimizes productivity, saves staff time, and increases revenue for your practice by streamlining your digital workflow so your patients always receive their appliances on time.

  • Eliminate multiple paper forms for different types of appliances from different labs
  • Stop juggling logins to different lab portals to submit Rxs
  • No more scanning-in or printing the prescriptions for the patient’s file
  • Save time on remakes and repairs with easy access to appliance prescription history
  • Increase prescription accuracy by replacing human-prone errors with digital automation