EasyRx 3D

The next generation of 3D software

A fast, simple and efficient solution to view, base, and edit STL files

  • 100% Cloud-Based Software – no software to download to view, trim and base your 3D/STL files
  • Offers simple, user-controlled editing tools and AI-powered automated editing tools
  • Quickly and easily view and edit industry-standard 3D STL files inside your browser

Trim, base, and label models
in a few clicks

  • Automatic STL File Optimization to optimize digital models for 3D printing
  • Customize base options like base height, wall thickness, regular or hollow bases
  • Add drain holes, chamfered bases, and angled bases
  • Label models with patient name, date, Rx number, practice name

Plans Built for Your Practice or Lab

EasyRx 3D is available on both EasyRx Practice and EasyRx Lab plans

Automate 3D model editing
with ease using AI-powered

  • EasyRx 3D AI Software uses AI technology to prepare print-ready 3D files; allowing users to move through the 3D editing process with ease, saving time and increasing productivity
  • AI Basing automatically trims, bases, and labels STL files, delivering print-ready 3D files
  • AI Bracket Removal automatically scans and digitally removes brackets from files
  • PTS Trim Line File Output automatically adds a trimming path for aligner trimming machines

Simple integrated 3D
software solution

  • Quick and secure access to saved STL files
  • Integrates with 3D printer solutions, streamlining the 3D printing process
  • Integrated with EasyRx Practice and Lab for maximum efficiency