EasyRx: The perfect solution for graduate students

We believe that all orthodontic and dental residents and faculty should be at the forefront of the latest technology. That’s why we are proud to provide an excellent opportunity for University Graduate and Post Graduate programs to implement EasyRx. We’ve prepared special pricing on all EasyRx plans that includes discounted implementation and training.


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Residents, faculty, and schools can benefit from EasyRx by:

  • Working in a digital environment
  • Getting hands-on experience in digitally creating prescriptions, including appliance, aligner, and indirect bonding prescriptions.
  • Attaching and viewing STL / 3D models of their patients
  • Create appliance prescription templates based on the standard and requirements of the program
  • Tracking and managing prescription workflow that reflects real practices
  • Submitting prescriptions to in-house and commercial labs
  • One application for all lab prescriptions
  • In a few clicks, access all your patient’s STL files, appliance history, and track your cases progress.
  • Allowing school faculty and program supervisors to securely communicate, review and manage cases for their students
  • There are also broader benefits to implementing a digital lab prescription form, including saving time, decreasing paper waste, and utilizing a green solution. View benefits here.
  • EasyRx is hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform providing a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.
  • We also extend special pricing to new graduates and faculty if they implement EasyRx and all it’s benefits with their practice.

We’d love to share all these benefits and provide your school a FREE demo on how EasyRx works. Contact us today to learn more.

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We didn't say it, they said it!


As far as EasyRx goes, we are loving the software. Unfortunately, here at MUSC we do a lot of our appliances in house and don’t send many out to labs except the big ones like Herbst’s and Hawley’s. We are constantly using the model trimming feature to help us optimize our models prior to 3-D printing them here in house and your software makes that process exponentially easier for us.

        — Dr. Aaron Gavri DMD | MUSC Orthodontics Department | Charleston, South Carolina 

You’ve made my residents’ life much easier! I think they’re still learning how to use the application re: adding patient information to the printed models. Quality of printed models is excellent.

        — Dr. David A. Behrman, DMD | Chief, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Dentistry | Weill Cornell Medicine | New York City, New York