A complete comprehensive lab management and digital workflow platform.

Benefits of Becoming
an EasyRx Lab

  • Digitally receive prescriptions from any practice using EasyRx
  • Work with neat, legible EasyRx prescriptions with supporting digital files attached
  • Communicate securely with practices
  • Manage prescription workflows
  • Mark cases as checked in, shipped and provide tracking information

Streamline your lab’s digital and 3D workflow

  • EasyRx 3D Basing Software – Trim, Base, and Label STL for 3D Printing
  • EasyRx 3D AI Software include AI Basing, AI Bracket Removal, and PTS Trim Line File Output *
  • Create prescriptions or patients from paper or manual prescriptions to integrate into the workflow
  • Track and manage your clear aligner cases with the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System
  • Convert plaster impressions to digital STL files with EasyRx Digitize

*EasyRx 3D AI Software is an additional fee to EasyRx.

VisualDLP’s lab management features allow you to manage your lab like never before

  • Enter orders, manage accounts, schedule, invoice, and bill
  • Manage production workflows and activities
  • Real-time visibility into orders as they move through the lab
  • Powerful integrations including payment processing, shipping, and intra-oral scanners
  • Create reports and edit invoices, statements and work tickets
  • Receive all case information from EasyRx Lab, including attached digital files, in VisualDLP

Invite Your Practices to
Connect with EasyRx

  • Use EasyRx to implement a full prescription digital workflow for your lab
  • From EasyRx, connect with your practices
  • Invite your practices to submit cases with EasyRx to optimize your workflow
  • Work with EasyRx to develop a marketing plan to reach practices

Plans Built for Your Lab

EasyRx offers plans to meet the specific needs of your lab:
Standard + 3D and VisualDLP

Be the modern, efficient lab everyone loves to work with

As a tech at one of the largest orthodontic labs I see a lot of different Rxs. I have to say that EasyRx is by far my favorite. Not only is it easy but like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I love not only the diagram but how they have everything on one page. Makes it to where there is less room for mistakes/errors. You know that the doctors have to love that! Thanks EasyRx for making my job easier.
Matt Walls
Specialty Appliances Orthodontic Laboratory
EasyRx is changing the landscape of our business allowing us to better serve our practices. EasyRx provides an intuitive platform to accept digital prescriptions with all the associated files including STL files for 3D printing. The graphical prescription provides an accurate case design which really helps to eliminate errors.
Thomas Erie
B.B.A. – Caley Orthodontic Laboratory Ltd.
VisualDLP is a great software for our lab. It is easy to use and continues to offer software enhancements and improvements that benefit our lab. Their team provides excellent support. I would highly recommend VisualDLP to anyone who may be on the fence!
Donald Park
Smile Innovations Group Inc.

FAQs About Modernizing Your Lab With EasyRx

An all-in-one digital workflow solution makes every part of the prescription and workflow process easy.
Here are some FAQs to show you how easy it is. And why it’s so worth it.

Go Digital. Go EasyRx.

EasyRx is closing the gap between labs and practices to allow you to manage your lab prescription and digital workflow like never before.

  • Implement a comprehensive lab management and complete digital workflow for your lab
  • Cloud-based applications built on current technologies, positioning your lab on the right platform for long-term growth
  • Share case information and supporting digital files between VisualDLP and EasyRx Lab
  • Allow practices to submit cases to your lab through the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form for all case types, saving you time and reducing errors