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Comprehensive Case Management and 3D software designed to ensure that every case is delivered on schedule and accurate, establishing the highest level of patient care.

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EasyRx Practice

EasyRx Practice enables you to submit, manage and track all patient lab, clear aligner, and digital prescriptions, streamlining your digital workflow. Submit to any commercial or in-house lab. EasyRx integrates with industry software and intra-oral scanners providing significant time savings.

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EasyRx Lab

EasyRx Lab enables your commercial lab to implement a complete digital case workflow. EasyRx allows practices to submit cases to your lab through the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form for all case types, saving you time and reducing errors.

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EasyRx 3D

EasyRx 3D provides you a fast, simple, and efficient solution to view, trim, base, and label STL files prepping them for printing. Optionally, use EasyRx Digital Bracket Removal – Manual or Automated to digitally remove brackets from files.

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We want to be an all-digital paperless practice and to maximize efficiency with technology applications and EasyRx provides this to manage our lab prescriptions.

Ed Lin DDS, MS

Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay | Green Bay, WI

EasyRx allows us to streamline our digital workflow by connecting both of our offices to our In-house Lab.  It also allows us to pull scans from our different devices. Simply put, it connects all the dots for use with the different scanners and lab software. We love the tracking ability for appliances. The guys from EasyRx are easy to talk to and the support is great!

Don Spillers, DMD, MS

Spillers Orthodontics | Warner Robins, GA

EasyRx is changing the landscape of our business allowing us to better serve our practices. EasyRx provides an intuitive platform to accept digital prescriptions with all the associated files including STL files for 3D printing. The graphical prescription provides an accurate case design which really helps to eliminate errors.

Thomas Erie B.B.A.

Caley Orthodontic Laboratory Ltd.

As a tech at one of the largest orthodontic labs I see a lot of different Rxs. I have to say that EasyRx is by far my favorite. Not only is it easy but like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I love not only the diagram but how they have everything on one page. Makes it to where there is less room for mistakes/errors. You know that the doctors have to love that! Thanks EasyRx for making my job easier.

Matt Walls

Specialty Appliances Orthodontic Laboratory

EasyRx solved many challenges our lab had. First, it provided a nimble, safe, HIPAA compliant platform, our customers could use to upload patient scans for appliance fabrication. Second, it provided a clever approach to appliance design because the user can see what an appliance will look like before submitting a case; hence, miscommunication is reduced drastically. The practices that we have turned to EasyRx have found it very convenient and easy to use, in great part because this cloud-based platform was designed with orthodontists in mind. In all, the lab is pleased with the results from EasyRx and would recommend it to other labs as well.

Rene A Silva, MBA, General Manager

OrthoDenco Labs

I’ve been using EasyRx since its inception and I am extremely pleased with the ease and speed at which I can write my lab prescriptions. The ability to store templates of my most-used scripts, catalog patients’ files as well as the completeness and detail of these ‘digitally written’ scripts is extraordinary. EasyRx is truly a winning solution!

John R Tibbetts, DDS , MS

Tibbetts Orthodontics | Williamsville, NY

EasyRx has saved us enormous amounts of time, headaches, and frustrations by streamlining our digital workflow for lab appliances.

Scott Frey, DDS , MSD

Hatcher and Frey Orthodontics | Chesapeake, VA

EasyRx makes my life so much easier and is like the greatest thing to happen to us.


Baum Braces | Newtown, CT

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