Case Study

Feedback from ODL Lab, a current EasyRx user

Performance Benefits

When we began using EasyRx, we wanted to better measure the internal productivity of our employees and the lab as a whole. EasyRx provided us with a summary of critical performance metrics—everything from daily and weekly sales numbers, to fluctuations in client orders. Moreover, EasyRx allowed us to tag appliance parts and run reports on individual technicians, giving us accurate in-depth measures for the productivity of each employee by both volume and revenue. It has also provided us with a snapshot comparison of our actual versus target performance.

Unlike most software systems today which can cost thousands of dollars in upfront installation and hardware expenses and demand hours of set-up, getting started with EasyRx was straightforward and inexpensive. Being that EasyRx is fully web-based, we connected directly to the system over WiFi using our existing infrastructure. No hardware upgrades, no software installations, and no need for professional IT services. We were logged on and using EasyRx within minutes.

EasyRx has helped us attract new doctors, particularly those drawn to cutting-edge technology. It also allowed our existing doctors to manage their cases in a more simple and user-friendly manner. Those with satellite clinics told us that EasyRx made prescribing and tracking their cases across their different offices considerably easier. Because they are able to track their cases online, our incoming phone calls decreased substantially. Although we always enjoy chatting with our clients, the extra time helped us increase our case volumes and focus more on our bottom line.

Performance highlights

  • Output increased by 20% after EasyRx’s productivity trackers
  • Prescription inquiries declined by 40% as doctors were able to track their cases online
  • Almost 100% elimination of billing errors occurring as a result of human error
  • 15% increase in overall productivity resulting from reductions in case confusion, misplaced cases, and indecipherable prescriptions
  • 5% revenue increase in our digital study model department due to the introduction of EasyRx’s convenient cloud storage feature

Cost Savings

The initial design of EasyRx was to create a web application that could save time and reduce costs by helping eliminate manual drawings and consolidating the billing process. In the old days, doctors would receive prescriptions from the lab which had 3-4 carbon copy layers. They would then design the case, pull off a copy and send it to the lab. The lab would design the case then send one of the copies off to billing and another to production. EasyRx has not only simplified that entire process to take nearly minutes instead of hours, but has become a full laboratory management system for orthodontic labs and their doctors.

By simply creating a digital prescription, EasyRx can dramatically reduce clerical labor costs, eliminate billing errors, reduce employee fabrication mistakes, and decrease the amount of waste while increasing productivity.

These savings will more than pay for the system and will provide significant cost benefits for the lab. With the doctor designing the case, the process from checking-in to invoicing & shipping has never been faster!

Cost highlights

  • A significant reduction on clerical labor costs
  • Provides doctors and lab management with “anytime access” to case status updates
  • Increase production with reduced incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Quickly and accurately identify employee waste or under-production
  • Process and provide access to digital study models faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminate the need to store and archive paper prescriptions
  • Easily check-in cases with the click of a barcode scanner
  • Invoice and ship cases for the day in a matter of minutes, not hours
  • Instantly see sales for the day with robust reporting features
  • Quickly modify part prices
  • Instantly process a global price increase on all the parts your lab offers and much more…