June 7, 2018

On June 5, 2019, the one millionth (1,000,000) prescription was submitted using the patented EasyRx Univeral Lab Prescription and Digital Workflow Platform.

“EasyRx was built to help practices and labs better submit, manage, share, and communicate regarding patient lab prescriptions and supporting digital files via a secure/compliant environment. With now 1 million prescriptions being written and submitted using EasyRx, it proves practices and lab benefit from using the EasyRx Platform. I graciously say thank you to our customers, integration partners, the great EasyRx team. We will celebrate a bit, then get to work on 2 Million Rxs.” says Todd Blankenbecler, President, and CEO of EasyRx.

# # #
EasyRx is universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for orthodontic practices and labs. EasyRx was developed to help practices and labs better manage the entire lab prescription process.
If you would like more information on EasyRx, please contact Todd Blankenbecler at 1.888.340.3751
EasyRx® is a trademark belonging to EasyRx, LLC.

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