November 8th, 2021

On November 8th, 2021, EasyRx President and CEO, Todd Blankenbecler, and EasyRx Chief Technology Officer, Andy Stark were guests on the Voices from The Bench podcast hosted by Elvis Dahl and Barbara Warner Wojdan, CDT, AAACD.

Voices from The Bench is a podcast for everyone in and around the dental laboratory industry by people in the dental laboratory industryListen to the full podcast here:

Listen to the full podcast here:

About this Episode:

When has anyone ever said life in a dental lab is easy? It’s not. There are many struggles and challenges every day. Todd Blankenbecler and Andy Stark from EasyRx have a solution for a few of the issues. EasyRx is a software that can run production in the lab, but it also has a clinician aspect that allows the two to communicate efficiently. Oh, did we mention that it can also prep your digital scans for model printing? They talk about how two different software companies combined, how they deal with the different business models, and what makes EasyRx stand out over the other production software.

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