EasyRx announces integration with 3D Systems NextDent 3D Sprint Software

May 1, 2018

EasyRx is pleased to announce an integration with 3D Systems 3D Sprint software, allowing users to select EasyRx based STL files in EasyRx and open these files in 3D Sprint software for 3D printing. It is as easy as clicking the 3D Sprint icon inside of EasyRx to launch 3D Sprint and open the selected STL files.

“3D Systems and NextDent by 3D Systems offer a great line up of 3D printers and materials. Their new Next Dent 5100 3D Printer is a fantastic solution that is generating tremendous excitement. We are very excited to integrate 3D Sprint software into our digital workflow as they rollout the NextDent 5100.  This will be a win-win for everyone — integrations are central to our strategy to integrate EasyRx into the digital workflow of practice or labs”, said Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO of EasyRx.

Glenn Kennedy US Dental Channel Manager, 3D Systems and NextDent by 3D Systems said: “We are excited to team up with world class software partners like EasyRx to deliver fast, accurate and efficient 3D printed solutions to the dental market. The NextDent 5100 printer and NextDent resins offer unprecedented precision, ease of use, speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness dental professionals have been asking for. All NextDent dental 3D printing materials are biocompatible and CE-certified, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The materials are certified in accordance with medical device directive 93/42/EEC, listed at the FDA and also registered in various other countries.”

Here is a KB article with more information. EasyRx Integrates with 3D Systems 3D Sprint software

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EasyRx is universal lab prescription software for orthodontic practices and labs. EasyRx was developed to help practices and labs better manage the entire lab prescription process.

If you would like more information on EasyRx, please contact Todd Blankenbecler at 1.888.340.3751 or [email protected].

EasyRx® is a trademark belonging to EasyRx, LLC.

3D Systems, NextDent by 3D Systems and 3D Sprint are trademarks belonging to 3D Systems, Inc.


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