EasyRx 3D - View and Base STL Files

EasyRx 3D — the next generation of 3D software.  No need to download software to view and base your 3D models. No need to download software to view and base your 3D models. Engineered to work with any standard STL file, EasyRx 3D provides you a fast, simple and efficient solution to view and base STL files.

  • 100% Cloud – no software download to view, trim and base your 3D/STL files
  • Compatible with industry standard STL files



See EasyRx 3D in action! See EasyRx 3D Artifact Removal Tool in action! See EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal in action!

EasyRx 3D Base and Bracket Removal**

  • Trim and base STL files
  • Add regular and hollow bases
  • Set base height and wall thickness on hollow models
  • Artifact Removal
  • Add drain holes
  • Add labels to models, like patient name, date, Rx number, practice name
  • Save based STL files
  • Use EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal to digitally remove brackets from STL files
  • Quick and secure  access to saved STL files via EasyFS.  EasyFS is a unique secure file access system providing secure, direct access to files outside of EasyRx, like 3D printer software
  • Integrates with FormLabs Preform software, EnvisionTEC Perfectory, 3D Systems 3D Sprint, MoonRay RayWare, MiiCraft with other integrations pending
  • System requirements: 8 GB RAM and latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser

EasyRx 3D View*

  • Quickly and easily view standard 3D STL files inside your browser
  • Automatic STL File Optimization to optimize digital models for 3D printing
  • Compatible with standard browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE

*EasyRx 3D View is a standard feature in all EasyRx Practice and EasyRx Lab plans.
**Easyrx 3D Edit is included in EasyRx Practice EasyRx 3D – Standard and Premium plans and EasyRx Lab Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans.