EasyRx 3D - View and Base STL Files

EasyRx 3D — the next generation of 3D software.  No need to download software to view and base your 3D models. Engineered to work with any standard STL file, EasyRx 3D provides you a fast, simple and efficient solution to view and base STL files.

  • 100% Cloud – no software download to view, trim and base your 3D/STL files
  • Compatible with industry standard STL files



See EasyRx 3D in action!

EasyRx 3D Base and Bracket Removal**

  • Trim and base STL files
  • Add regular and hollow bases
  • Set base height and wall thickness on hollow models
  • Artifact Removal
  • Add drain holes
  • Add labels to models, like patient name, date, Rx number, practice name
  • Save based STL files
  • Use EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal to digitally remove brackets from STL files
  • Quick and secure  access to saved STL files via EasyFS.  EasyFS is a unique secure file access system providing secure, direct access to files outside of EasyRx, like 3D printer software
  • Integrates with FormLabs Preform software, EnvisionTEC Perfectory, 3D Systems 3D Sprint, MoonRay RayWare, MiiCraft with other integrations pending
  • System requirements: 8 GB RAM and latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Safari browser

EasyRx 3D View*

  • Quickly and easily view standard 3D STL files inside your browser
  • Automatic STL File Optimization to optimize digital models for 3D printing
  • Compatible with standard browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE

*EasyRx 3D View is a standard feature in all EasyRx Practice and EasyRx Lab plans.
**Easyrx 3D Edit is included in EasyRx Practice EasyRx 3D – Standard and Premium plans and EasyRx Lab Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans.