November 30, 2020
EasyRx, Atlanta, announced the addition EasyRx 3D Automated Bracket Removal software to its EasyRx universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software platform.
EasyRx 3D Automated Bracket Removal scans and digitally removes brackets from scans automatically.
The Automated Bracket Removal workflow is a gamechanger. As scans are uploaded to EasyRx, they are automatically scanned for brackets. If brackets are detected on the scan, EasyRx Automated Bracket Removal digitally removes the brackets, saving a new file. No user interaction is required. Automated Bracket Removal will save hours and hours of time spent manually removing brackets, unlocking the power of same day or short turn around retainers, reducing patient visits, freeing up critical lab tech time, and giving more control to turnaround times and costs
EasyRx 3D Automated Bracket Removal pairs with EasyRx 3D software to trim, base, label scans, preparing the file for 3D printing. EasyRx 3D Automated Bracket Removal includes EasyRx’s powerful manual Bracket Removal Software and refinement tools such as build, carve, smooth and more. These tools allow the practice to refine model as needed. EasyRx 3D Automated Bracket Removal supports iTero and TRIOS scans today, with more scanner support pending.
“As digital becomes the standard of care, digital workflows like scanning patients with brackets on and digital removing the brackets are more and more critical. We’re very excited about Automated Bracket Removal and the positive impact it will have on practices, labs and most importantly patients”, said Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO.

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