Atlanta, GA 4/17/2017 –

We are very excited to announce that EasyRx has entered an Integration Partnership Agreement with topsOrtho™. The integration will tightly place EasyRx into the topsOrtho patient chart, allowing customers to super easily launch EasyRx from topsOrtho. The two-way integration will share data between tops and EasyRx, allowing tops customers to create and manage their lab prescriptions like never before.

“I’m pleased to announce that topsOrtho 8 will include integration with EasyRx—the digital lab prescription service many of you already use. This will be a sweet addition to Off-the-Charts™ that will allow you to send your lab prescriptions right from the topsOrtho patient chart. I think you’ll love it as much as I do”, said Dr. Mark Sanchez, founder, CEO and Chief Developer at tops Software.

“I share Mark’s enthusiasm about the topsOrtho  EasyRx integration partnership. Being able to send lab prescriptions from the topsOrtho patient chart is super cool and will greatly improve the lab prescription workflow for tops customers”, said Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO of EasyRx.

 Superheroes have superpowers, and from day 1, topsOrtho has endowed practices around the world with the 3 greatest super powers: fast, easy, and reliable.

EasyRx is universal lab prescription software for orthodontic practices and labs. EasyRx was developed to help practices and labs better manage the entire lab prescription process.

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If you would like more information on EasyRx, please contact Todd Blankenbecler at 1.888.340.3751 or [email protected].

If you would like more information on topsOrtho, please contact tops at +1 770.627.2527 or email [email protected].

EasyRx® is a trademark belonging to EasyRx, LLC. topsOrtho is a trademark of tops Software in the United States and/or other countries.


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