December 3, 2018

We are very excited to announce a major enhancement to EasyRx 3D, adding support of a powerful Artifact Removal Tool. With the Artifact Removal tool, EasyRx Practices and Labs can remove scan remnants around STL/Digital Model files taken from 3D scanners. These remnants are usually items like an accidental scan of a clinician’s finger, a patient’s cheek, floating edges, and otherwise unwanted scan data. Artifact Removal safely removes this data leaving the rest of the model to trim, base, and label without bringing the model into other 3rd party software for time-consuming cleanup. This feature coupled with the existing EasyRx Auto-Optimizer, which preps the model prior to editing by re-meshing, filling small voids, and addressing self-intersects automatically, makes EasyRx 3D the fastest cloud-based 3D editor available on the market.

“With the release of Artifact Removal, we’ve boasted EasyRx 3D to combat notoriously common imperfections that typically show on 3D scans. In seconds, users can remove unwanted artifacts from scans, allowing the model to be properly based and labelled, preparing a print ready 3D file.”  says Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO of EasyRx. “As 3D printing is expanding heavily into the market, we are continuing to enhance EasyRx 3D to complement 3D printer workflow and bring a digital efficiency that can only be harnessed as a web-based cloud software. The feedback we’ve received from existing users is that our updates to EasyRx 3D are reducing the time needed to prep models for printing, and ultimately leading to a better patient experience. This makes us proud to continue our enhancements and help our customers grow.”

Checkout the Artifact Removal EasyVid Video

EasyRx 3D Artifact Removal Tool

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