ATLANTA – April 1, 2022 – Dentagrafix®, thermoformable plastic dental appliances with
integrated patterns, such as blue camouflage, paw prints, and leopard print, is now available through EasyRx®, a leading provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for dentists and orthodontists.
Dentagrafix is now available in the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts, Appliances, and Templates. Practices can submit cases for Dentagrafix clear appliances to labs offering Dentagrafix, including choosing the unique designs offered by each Dentagrafix lab.

“Matt and his team at Dentagrafix have developed a wonderful product, offering doctors an exciting way to stand out,” said Todd Blankenbecler, CEO of EasyRx. “Dentagrafix is a fantastic addition to our Universal Library of Parts and Appliances. Practices and labs can now integrate their Dentagrafix cases into their EasyRx lab prescription and digital workflow.”

“Todd and the EasyRx team have created a unique platform for orthodontists and labs to
streamline their workflow and operate their businesses more efficiently. We are excited to add our unique products to the EasyRx platform, providing doctors a fun and positive way to differentiate their practice while helping to enhance the patient experience and reduce the number of lost retainers,” said Matt Fischer, CEO and Co-Founder of Dentagrafix.

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