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Seamless Workflows, High Security, and Transparent Information for Orthodontic Labs 

In your orthodontic lab, there are essential instruments you and your staff regularly use to craft quality devices; wires, molds, and thermoplastic materials are only a few of the elements your technicians combine to create life-changing appliances.  

But while these tools help you accomplish your everyday tasks, you’re at risk of performing slowly and becoming disorganized without a reliable software system. 

Lab management doesn’t have to be complicated: EasyRx VisualDLP provides comprehensive lab-focused solutions to keep processes moving without interruptions. To learn more, here are five reasons why VisualDLP is the organizational tool you need for a fast-moving, orderly lab. 

1. Everyone in your lab will be able to use it 

By design, VisualDLP is intuitive. Whether your team is re-learning where files are stored or you’re training an influx of inexperienced staff without formal training, you’ll have better chances teaching everyone how to navigate an interface with a clean design. 

Implementing new software in your lab is likely to be met with resistance by both seasoned and new technicians—but they’ll quickly see the benefits of an easy-to-use, singular system that doesn’t make them jump through hoops to access important information.  

Without disruptions, VisualDLP lets your lab view: 

• Treatment images and files for practical visual details 

• Doctors’ notes that specify their patients’ needs to create perfect appliances the first time 

• Order information for planning daily tasks and double-checking correct fulfillment 

With quickly accessible case information your entire team can navigate, there will be fewer instances of case holds that prolong treatment times. VisualDLP helps your lab handle cases faster and more accurately, allowing practices to give patients the high-quality care they need. 

2. Control-wielding customization 

In addition to being able to access everything quickly, your lab can tailor its operations. Like wide-ranging orthodontic and dental cases, labs can differ, and their software should reflect their needs. VisualDLP provides great customization, allowing your lab to create more efficient processes. From fabrication planning to design, manufacturing workflows are adaptable; this way, you’re eliminating redundancies, organizing schedules, and managing resources more proactively.  

Plus, your lab can customize forms like invoices, statements, and work tickets. Creating these tailored forms allows for business branding, financial transparency, and more straightforward billing. 

3. Time-saving integrations, all in one program 

Before the digitalization of the orthodontic and dental industry, the slow process of physically shipping impressions to labs was the norm. Now, practices and labs can exchange information quickly through digital files, making collaboration easier.  

Yet, even if it’s communicating digitally, your lab can still be inefficient if it uses more than one platform to send and receive information. With VisualDLP, your lab integrates with EasyRx Connected and Standard+3D plans for faster, more effective correspondence with practices. Because everything is cohesive, your lab can immediately access all case information without opening multiple programs. 

Along with lab-to-practice communication, VisualDLP’s other integrated capabilities are payment processing and intra-oral scanning. These integrations expedite essential tasks in your lab, allowing you to collect payments quickly and start manufacturing immediately after receiving digital impressions. 

Then, once you’ve finished the manufacturing process, UPS and FedEx integrations guide your lab through the rest of the journey. With these services embedded into the software, your lab can ship, track, and print labels for your products—all within the same system you used to create them. 

4. Details that keep your lab in the loop 

Another benefit of VisualDLP is its level of thorough, comprehensive detail. Your orthodontic business depends on your awareness of its health; paying attention to your data is smart, so your lab can avoid amplifying otherwise correctable issues.  

VisualDLP offers transparency with access to actual numbers that give insight into your end-of-day reports, payroll, overhead, and more. With this information, you can monitor trends, make adjustments, and set quarterly and yearly goals.  

5. A cloud-based iron lock that doesn’t budge 

Every day, your lab handles private and, unfortunately, highly coveted information. On-premise, web-based software requires more time and attention because you must stay on top of its security updates. Hackers are bound to find and exploit your weak points if you aren’t consistently upgrading your software (or you’re doing it incorrectly). That’s terrible news for an orthodontic or dental lab aiming to follow HIPAA’s guidelines. 

EasyRx VisualDLP runs on Microsoft Azure, a top-performing cloud-based software fully invested in security. It updates automatically, freeing your lab from the responsibility of handling complex security measures. And, for additional reassurance, the cloud reliably stores data in emergencies like natural disasters and theft. 

Moreover, it’s cheaper. VisualDLP’s cloud-based software operates on all computer brands and requires less processing power and memory, which allows you to use more affordable computers.  

VisualDLP: Designed for the Easiest Lab Management 

Since reliable software is integral to your lab’s operations, committing to the right one requires careful consideration. You want it to be efficient, organized, and intuitive so that you can handle your clinic’s most challenging tasks with ease.  

With EasyRx VisualDLP, user-friendly design makes information, such as your lab’s daily reports, quickly accessible. Its customizable features suit your lab’s needs for effortless navigation and workflows. Also, every workflow—from payment processing to shipping labels—is within the same platform, streamlining your lab’s operations. More importantly, all the information stored in VisualDLP’s singular platform is safeguarded with cloud protection.  

You expect a lot from your orthodontic lab management software—and with the many benefits EasyRx VisualDLP can provide your lab—the choice is obvious. 


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