Lab FAQs

You have questions – we have answers!

To help, we’ve listed some of the more frequently asked questions. If this does not answer all of your concerns, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-340-3751 – we are always happy to address anything you’d like to discuss.

That’s great news! The invitation most likely came from a current customer, and they want to send you prescriptions via EasyRx. Follow the link in the email to sign up for EasyRx. You can create an EasyRx Connected Lab account free of charge to receive cases from the practice.

Practices submit cases to your lab using the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form, allowing you to receive all case information from EasyRx, including attached digital files, in VisualDLP. 

Yes, you own your data and this is clearly stated in our Terms of Service Agreement and on our Security page.

Yes, of course. We know it’s hard to start out with new software so we’re making it easy to import your data. We work with you to import data from your current lab management system, including accounts, account addresses and phone numbers, departments, products, product prices, and your historical cases. We’ll provide you with data import templates to make it easy. We can even import your historical case records and attachments, so everything is in one place.

We understand security is so important, we devoted an entire page to Security. Check out our Security page here.

Yes! If you sign up for Standard + 3D, you can create cases and take advantage of all the great features on EasyRx. Standard + 3D also offers powerful 3D editing tools.

If you sign up for VisualDLP, you can quickly and easily manage your lab, from case entry and invoicing to shipping.

EasyRx is 100% cloud-based and runs in a browser. EasyRx runs smoothly on all PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone running Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. We recommend using Chrome for the best experience.

Yes, we do offer training. All training is done remotely via web conference. We do also have free and very useful Knowledge Base articles and training videos to help you self-learn.

For Connected and Standard + 3D – We do not require training, but we do recommend scheduling a short meeting with a member of the EasyRx Team to get acquainted with your account.

For VisualDLP, all plans include 5 hours of training and implementation. Additional fees for data migration, custom form setup, and additional training.