EasyRx 3D Automated Services

  • EasyRx 3D Automated Services allows users to move through the 3D editing process with ease, saving time and increasing productivity
  • EasyRx 3D Automated Basing automatically trims, bases, and labels STL files, delivering print-ready 3D files
  • EasyRx 3D Automated Bracket Removal automatically scans and digitally removes brackets from files
  • PTS Trim Line File Output automatically generates the PTS Trim Line file for aligner or retainer trimming machines.
  • Users can choose which files run through the automated services and set default options for basing and labeling models
  • All Automated Services can be controlled from the 3D Command Center, one central location for all EasyRx 3D tasks


Automated Basing & Automated Bracket Removal

  • No user interaction is required. Files are automatically based and brackets are digitally removed
  • What once may have taken 5 or 10 minutes per arch, now is done automatically
  • Free up critical lab tech time to focus on other important and valuable tasks
  • Supports iTero and TRIOS scans (others scanner support pending)
  • EasyRx 3D Automated Services includes our powerful manual Bracket Removal Software and all of the refinement tools such as build, carve, smooth and more
  • EasyRx 3D Automated Services pair with EasyRx Practice 3D-Standard and Premium Plans and EasyRx Lab Standard+3D and Enterprise Plans which include EasyRx 3D manual editing software

PTS Trim Line File Output

  • If you own an automated aligner or retainer trimming machine, EasyRx 3D Automated Services generates the required PTS Trim Line for these machines
  • When Auto-based models are requested, also request the corresponding PTS Trim Line File output
  • The Auto-based file and supporting PTS file are attached to the prescription and patient file, ready for download
  • When opening the Auto-based file in EasyRx 3D Viewer, view and adjust the PTS Trim Line as needed
  • Supports the Digital Dental, MAXX and Ortho-Automation Trimline machines

Per Arch Plan

EasyRx 3D Automated Services


to Enable Automated Services

Unlimited Arches For First 30 Days
Per Arch Price:
ABS Only: $1.50
ABR Only: $2.00
ABR and ABS: $3.00
PTS Trim LIne: $0.45

EasyRx 3D Automated Services includes All Integrated Automated Services


  • Automated Bracket Removal
  • Automated Basing
  • Automated PTS Trim Line File Output


Monthly & Annual Discounts Available