Why implement a digital lab prescription form?

Save Time = Save Money

How many hours does your practice spend  printing / scanning / filling appliance prescription forms? Or uploading and sharing STL files?  What happens when your patient loses his/her retainer, how long does it take to find dig through your Dropbox or Filing Cabinet to find the most recent lab slip to request a remake? Challenge yourself to track the time that’s spent on these items. Wouldn’t it be nice if the extra time saved were instead used to focus on your patient experience? Or using time for patient outreach to get more referrals?

In real dollars, a national survey concluded that a fully digital orthodontic office saves around $9,000 a year compared to a non-digital. That’s someone’s bottom line we are talking about.

 Your office will get more done and at a faster pace

Consider all the advantages a paperless lab prescription form can provide  – no printed forms to track, no tracking emails from your office to your in-house or commercial lab, and no juggling multiple forms depending on the appliance you need to make. Successful practices are very busy, and one of the consequences is that information tends to get lost.

Maybe this sounds familiar “Have any of you seen the appliance for John Doe?”  And we can assure you, having Post-it notes stuck to cabinets is not efficient.  EasyRx  provides tracking from start-to-finish-allow your entire staff to be on the same page — Not cluing in the one lab technician, but keeping everyone on the same page. When you have a system like this in place, your office will be at the peak of its performance, able to focus on the patient experience and spend time on other meaningful tasks that will help your practice grow.

Paperless has real impacts.  Going green means saving green (dollars and the environment)!

It is hard to know how many sheets a paper an orthodontic office uses each year for lab slips, forms, and appliances drawings.  Thousands of sheets is a reasonable estimate.  This isn’t very green.  In fact, a  majority of the paper used is not recycled or made from sustainable sources, thus attributing to increased carbon dioxide emissions. As consumers have become more conscious about their environmental impact, you can do the same by implementing a simple, yet effective digital prescription workflow. What impression does your patient get when they see you fill out a paper lab slip or print a prescription form? Even worse, they see you dust off that dinosaur era fax machine you still have (we are shaking our heads too). Just because it still works doesn’t mean it’s efficient.

It’s time to make the change  

It’s not uncommon to hear that “my current way of doing things is fine”.  Think of when paper treatment cards were being done. The thought of going to a “computer” based treatment card was something that was borderline crazy. Now it is virtually the standard across every practice. Point is, there are so many benefits to going digital.  After all, when’s the last time you wanted a ‘hard copy’ of an email? Take the initiative and move to the EasyRx digital lab prescription form and you too can enjoy the substantial environmental, efficiency, and economic rewards of a fully digital practice. You have the entire EasyRx team ready to help you get started quickly and confidently. Visit our Demo Request page let us show you the benefits vs reading about them. It’s quick and, hey… it’s in the name: Easy!