Why EasyRx Practice

Lab prescription software for the digital practice

EasyRx is a unique and revolutionary cloud application that allows orthodontists, dentists and labs the ability to digitally design, manage, and share their patient’s appliance prescriptions and supporting digital files.

Here are some reasons why EasyRx is great for practices:

  • One application to manage all patient prescriptions and digital files, including 3D Model / STL files.
  • One Prescription Form. Use the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form to create all your lab, clear aligner and digital prescriptions.
  • The EasyRx Universal Library of Parts, Appliances and Templates allows for prescription standardization across the entire practice.
  • Manage and track all your cases, with ease, using features like the Prescription Dashboard, Desktop Notifications and the EasyRx Daily Digest email.
  • The patient’s complete prescription history is stored in EasyRx, including all supporting digital files.
  • Access your lab prescriptions at anytime from anywhere. EasyRx is a 100% cloud / browser software.
  • EasyRx prescriptions reduce common errors seen on confusing and sometimes indecipherable hand-drawn prescription sketches.
  • Enter Prescription Feedback, providing feedback to your labs on the quality of the prescriptions, including quality of impressions, clarity of instructions, and cases returned and delivered to patient on time.
  • Connect your Rxs and STL files on a product built for lab prescriptions. No longer rely on proprietary lab Rx systems and third-party file sharing services.
  • Submit prescriptions to any lab, in-house or commercial, using EasyRx.
  • Stop juggling different portal log-ins and submitting STL files separately to your labs.
  • Efficient and secure communication with your labs, improving your HIPAA compliance.
  • Manage your in-house lab, improving control, accountability and efficiency.
  • Monitor appliance costs in real-time as the appliance prescription is submitted. Know the cost of the appliance as you prescribe it, allowing the doctor to charge the patient more appropriately with whatever degree of transparency they elect.
  • Eliminates “lost” appliances that result in a doctor’s practice absorbing the cost of appliances that are never delivered to the patient, whether through an in-house or outside lab.
  • Use EasyRx3D to integrate EasyRx with your 3D printing process. Trim, base and label STL files, prepping them for printing.
  • One click remakes and repairs appliances!
  • Easily confirm that appliances are ready for patient appointments, improving the patient experience and reducing rescheduled appointments.
  • No longer rely on one or two staff for prescription management and tracking, reducing costs and frustration.
  • Protect your prescription data as your data is securely stored on the Amazon Web Service platform and backed up per ADA and HIPAA mandates.
  • Integrates with the iTero® and TRIOS® intra-oral scanner (other scanner integrations pending)
  • Integrates with Cloud 9, Dolphin, Oasys, OrthoTrac and topsOrtho software (other software integrations pending).

EasyRx increases productivity, saves staff time and increases revenue by:

  • Saves staff time submitting and tracking prescriptions
  • EasyRx Appliance Tracking, like appliances not delivered, maximizes appliance revenue
  • Helping avoid multiple paper forms for different types of appliances from different labs. This include forms for splints, functional appliances, aligner retainers, space maintainers, positioners, mouth guards, and indirect bonding set ups
  • No longer juggle logins to different lab portals to submit Rxs
  • Replacing scanning-in or printing the prescriptions to the patients file
  • Increasing prescription accuracy which clinical staff would otherwise be prone to errors when doing manually
  • Integrates with practice management softwares. Check them out here
  • Integrating your iTero digital scans and let EasyRx do the work! We verify patient name in real-time so you have the correct iTero Case Order ID number. EasyRx attaches your iTero scans automatically, even iRecord + Invisalign scans that traditionally do not allow submission to your lab via your iTero machine
  • Save time on remakes and repairs: With a few clicks, access your previous appliance prescriptions in EasyRx – appliance prescription history is also displayed to find the exact Rx you need re-made
  • Go Green: How many sheets of paper does your practice use every year for prescriptions and appliance drawings? EasyRx cloud based software allows you to go paperless at your practice, saving you money and helping work toward a better environment



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