Why EasyRx Lab

Lab prescription management for dental and orthodontic labs

EasyRx is a unique and revolutionary cloud application that allows orthodontists, dentists and labs the ability to create, track, manage, and share their patient’s appliance prescriptions.

Here are some “whys” EasyRx is great for labs

  • Receive prescriptions from any practice using EasyRx – our “Connected” plan is no-charge to sign up for!
  • The EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form allows labs to implement one prescription form for all appliance types saving your customers time and reducing errors
  • No “disconnect” — receive neat legible prescriptions with supporting digital files attached
  • Lab Profile feature allows you to market your lab’s appliances and information to Practices using EasyRx
  • EasyRx will add your lab’s website link/logo on our “Connected Labs” page at no cost after signing up – giving your lab more marketing exposure
  • Differentiate your lab, going paperless and being prepared to accept scanned STL data. This will encourage new clients
  • Build your standard library of parts, appliances and templates that can be selected by any practice using EasyRx.
  • Catalog precise templates of all the practices most used designs for quick access and designing of cases.
  • Communicate your prescription’s standard price to your practices.
  • The EasyRx prescription reduces errors and phone calls with practices.
  • Securely communicate with practices about treatment and cases – EasyRx “Message Center” feature allows you to securely message your practices/their users without needing to ever pickup the phone.
  • Never lose track again of your cases and provide your doctors the information they need about the status of their cases.
  • Reduce the amount of paper used to send prescriptions and appliance drawings, helping work toward a better environment
  • Integrated invoicing allows you to stop preparing invoices by hand.
  • Invoice the entire day with one click based off the graphical designs of the prescriptions.
  • Patient and prescription information stored securely and encrypted for compliance.

*Note: Some features are only available on specific lab plans