What Customers Are Saying

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EasyRx is a great product! It is ESSENTIAL to our digital workflow. Everything in our lab goes through EasyRx  for tracking purposes.

        — Dr. Benjamin C. Foster, DDS, MS | Foster Orthodontics | Shreveport, LA 

EasyRx is an essential part of our office systems. It is how all parts of the office, the front, the lab and the clinic stay on top of our appliances. It allows for very smooth communication and tracking with our outside lab. It provides a digital copy of all our in house lab appliances that can be checked at any computer in the office. It helps us prepare our digital scan files for 3D printing. It also allows us to track our aligner cases smoothly. The software is very easy to learn and the help section is very useful when needed. We have had a few questions since we started using the software and my favorite part of the program is their Chat service. The support department is extremely knowledgeable and have solved my issue every time. I would highly recommend this software to any office that needs to streamline their lab procedures and is 3D printing.

— Dr. Jordan Millar, DMD, MS | North Shore Orthodontics | Vancouver, BC, Canada

EasyRx makes my life so much easier and is like the greatest thing to happen to us.

— Jessica | Baum Braces | Newtown, CT 

EasyRx is the best program I have integrated into my practice in 15 years!

         — Andrew L Schwartz, DMD, DABO | Capitol Orthodontics | Washington, DC

EasyRx has allowed our in-house appliance technician to plan her work-flow more efficiently. It helps us track our appliances with greater confidence and enhances our communication with our technician. I certainly think EasyRx will become the Gold standard for digital prescriptions, especially as more offices move to intraoral scanning.

— Joel Brodsky, DDS, MS | Brodsky Orthodontics | Lakewood, CA

Absolutely love the ARTIFACTS feature in EasyRx 3D. Easy to use, easy to teach…. You guys are putting the “easy” in EasyRx” for all the right reasons. Keep up the good work.

— Ryan Lapul, | Signature Orthodontics | Edmonton, AB

EasyRx allows us to streamline our digital workflow by connecting both of our offices to our In-house Lab.  It also allows us to pull scans from our different devices. Simply put , it connects all the dots for use with the different scanners and lab software. We love the tracking ability for appliances . The guys from EasyRx are easy to talk to and the support is great.

— Don Spillers, DMD, MS | Spillers Orthodontics | Warner Robins, GA

We want to be an all-digital paperless practice and to maximize efficiency with technology applications and EasyRx provides this to manage our lab prescriptions.

— Ed Lin DDS, MS | Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay | Green Bay, WI 

I’ve been using EasyRx since its inception and I am extremely pleased with the ease and speed at which I can write my lab prescriptions. The ability to store templates of my most-used scripts, catalog patients files as well as the completeness and detail of these ‘digitally written’ scripts is extraordinary. EasyRx is truly a winning solution!

— John R Tibbetts, DDS , MS | Tibbetts Orthodontics | Williamsville, NY

The digital workflow makes things efficient and system is accessible from multiple computers and multiple locations. Also, just have to master one system and send prescriptions to all labs.

— Chris Murphy, DDS , MS | Murphy Orthodontics | Phoenix, NV

EasyRx is so much easier to use than each individual lab’s prescription form on their individual website.

— Kathleen | Camden Brown Orthodontics | Ruckersville, VA 

EasyRx has saved us enormous amounts of time, headaches and frustrations by streamlining our digital workflow for lab appliances.

— Scott Frey, DDS , MSD | Hatcher and Frey Orthodontics  | Chesapeake, VA

EasyRx has combined, simplified and enhanced one of the areas of our practice that needed help.  Before EasyRx, we were constantly revisiting our lab work tracking system.  After implementing EasyRx, it is the best system hands down.  We’ve recently gone digital and that created a whole new set of tracking problems.  EasyRx has been great for our conversion to digital and I’m not sure how we could continue to manage without it.  On top of a great system they have been super responsive to our questions, including a return call for a support question on a Saturday.  Thank you EasyRx.

— Neil C. Kanning , DMD, MS | Kanning Orthodontics | Kansas City, MO

Up until about a year ago, I would fill out the lab prescription slips by hand, a task that would take some time at the end of a long day. I was contacted by EasyRx’s Michael Wright about a new system, which would make this process much easier and more importantly less time consuming. As with anything new, I tend to be skeptical and drag my feet, but once I gave it a try I was hooked. It literally takes a few point and clicks and your done. If you have a very complicated case that requires very specific instructions, you can add as many comments as needed. I strongly recommend the use of EasyRx for your orthodontic prescriptions.

— Michael S. Malsch, DDS | Malsch Orthodontics | Troy, NY

We recently started utilizing the EasyRx system over the past year. It has proven to be a very simple way to design and submit our lab prescriptions online. We are able to review archived cases quickly if needed as well as to monitor the progress and status of current cases that we submit. The system was easy to learn by our entire staff and has proven to be an excellent and efficient tool to communicate with the lab!

— Albert P. Cavallari, DDS | Lockport Orthodontics | Lockport, NY