EasyRx Now Integrates With MaxiDent

October 16th, 2020 – MaxiDent dental practice management software has announced an integration to EasyRx – a universal lab prescription, digital workflow and 3D software platform. This integration allows clinics to make the connection between patient records and EasyRx’s comprehensive lab tracking and management platform, resulting in optimal patient bookings, enhancing the overall patient experience.

MaxiDent Software is one of the leading practice management software in North America and has led the industry in smart collaborations, intuitive tools and exceptional service for over 40 years.
EasyRx is a unique and revolutionary cloud application that allows practices and labs the ability to digitally design, manage, and share their patient’s appliance prescriptions and supporting digital files, in a secure and compliant platform.

“We are excited to have our digital platform integrated with the MaxiDent software. Our program had been developed to respond to an increasing demand for organization where it comes to adopting a fully digital workflow. The adoption of digital dentistry is even more critical today, allowing clinics to provide more and better dental solutions to patients – all that wouldn’t be possible without the right tools at their disposal. I am excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Alex and his great team at MaxiDent, as their values correspond to ours and our tools are aligned to make software usage friendly and intuitive.” – Todd Blankenbecler, President & CEO of EasyRx.

Clinics who will take advantage of the integration will be able to provide free access to all the labs they work with at no additional cost, consolidating all their tracking to one place.

“In a dental clinic setting, especially in these confusing times, the ability to feel in control of your orders together with the ability to optimally and efficiently book appointment is key to creating a sustainable advantage for any clinic.” commented Alex Zlatin, CEO of Maxim Software Systems, the company behind MaxiDent software. “It is no longer acceptable to manage only in-office processes. The expectation of customers and staff about technology is to empower them through their daily activities – this is true in for dental clinics as well. MaxiDent is continuing to bring strategic alliances to the dental field that yield efficiencies and streamline mundane work, so team members can focus their time and energy on catering to patients. I am extremely excited to collaborate with EasyRx to continue empowering dental teams on their journey to excellence.”

To learn more about MaxiDent software – maxidentsoftware.com

EasyRx Announces Agreement to Acquire Jenmar International

February 20, 2019

EasyRx, a cloud-based universal lab prescription, digital workflow and 3D software platform, announced they have signed an agreement to acquire laboratory management software provider Jenmar International. The combined company will offer solutions to connect practices and labs using the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription, Digital Workflow and 3D software platform along with offering cloud-based lab management software solutions built on years of experience.

Todd Blankenbecler, current EasyRx President and CEO will remain in the same role in the combined company. Andy Stark, current Jenmar President, will be named Chief Technology Officer of EasyRx. The company will operate under the EasyRx name and add to its product portfolio Jenmar’s DL-plus and Visual DLP products.

“We’re tremendously excited about this opportunity”, said Todd Blankenbecler, EasyRx CEO, “Andy and his team are great people and share our core values. They have significant industry experience, making EasyRx a stronger company. Jenmar customers have come to expect best in class solutions and now that will extend all the way to the practice with the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription and Digital Workflow platform. Plus, adding Visual DLP, their cloud-based lab management product, greatly enhances our Lab Enterprise lab management solution.”

“This is an incredible opportunity to create an innovative, end-to-end solution for practices and labs. Practices will now have a single application to manage prescriptions and supporting digital files and when integrated with their lab management software, a single platform to manage the entire production workflow.”, adds Andy Stark.

The EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription and Digital Workflow platform is an open platform and offers integrations with practice management, lab management software, intra-oral scanner and 3D printer solutions. EasyRx boasts the EasyRx Connected lab network to connect practices and labs. It also offers EasyRx 3D – STL basing software to facilitate 3D printing. EasyRx is experiencing tremendous new customer and prescription volume growth as more and more practices and labs adopt digital technologies.

Since 1986 Jenmar has delivered innovative and successful dental laboratory management technology. These solutions cover the full spectrum of dental lab
management including; account management, production scheduling, reporting and analytics, and employee productivity.

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If you would like more information on EasyRx, please contact Todd Blankenbecler at 1.888.340.3751 or info@easyrxcloud.com
EasyRx® is a trademark belonging to EasyRx, LLC.
If you would like more information on Jenmar, please contact Andy Stark at 1.866.850-7195 or info@jenmarinternational.com
Jenmar, DL-plus and VisualDLP ® are trademark belonging to Jenmar International, Inc

EasyRx selects Black Talon Security as exclusive cybersecurity provider

February 6, 2019

We take security and HIPAA compliance very seriously at EasyRx. We’re very excited to announce we have engaged Black Talon Security to implement an intensive cyber security and HIPAA compliance program of our systems. Black Talon is the leader in cybersecurity solutions and HIPAA compliance in the dental and dental specialty market. They have years of experience and knowledge in cybersecurity, HIPAA and the dental industry. We felt like they were the absolute best choice to implement an intensive review and audit of our systems.


“We are excited about the opportunity to provide cybersecurity protection to Todd and his team at EasyRx. Our experience in the dental and security communities allows us to provide security solutions that further harden their infrastructure. We want to be proactive in preventing cyberattacks by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities on their network. In addition, the EasyRx team will undergo extensive cybersecurity awareness and HIPAA training. With this partnership, we will be able to provide an additional level of security and confidence to the solutions that they currently offer their clients.” – Gary Salman, CEO Black Talon Security.


About Black Talon Security, LLC

Black Talon is a cybersecurity company focusing on protecting dentists and specialists from cybersecurity incidents while helping them with HIPAA compliance through education, training and documentation.   More information on their services can be found at www.blacktalonsecurity.com.