Practice FAQs

You have questions – we have answers!

To help, we’ve listed some of the more frequently asked questions. If this does not answer all of your concerns, please email us at or call us at 1-888-340-3751  –  we are always happy to address anything you’d like to discuss.


The EasyRx Team.

How do I get started?

Well, it is easy- it's in our name so we have to live up to it, after all! Simply pop on over to our sign up page and get started! Setup is quick and easy. In only a few minutes, you can be utilizing EasyRx! You can sign up for EasyRx here.

Once you sign up, you can start creating prescriptions, attaching digital files and customizing your prescription templates. You can create prescriptions using the EasyRx Library of Parts and Appliances, connect to any lab already using EasyRx or invite your preferred lab to signup at no-cost.

We offer remote on-boardings to help you and your staff hit the ground running. Remote on-boardings are about 30-45 minutes, and walk you through the day to day use of your EasyRx account. Our staff are always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way we can!

The software looks cool, but how will it benefit my practice?

There are so many great benefits to using EasyRx we've devoted an entire page to "Why EasyRx"! Check it out here!

I currently use my lab's portal and a file sharing program (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc) - how is EasyRx different?

We like to think this is sort of like a doctor saying years ago "my paper system is fine, why do I need practice management?" or "why do I need imaging software when I can use Photoshop?"

Here are a few reasons EasyRx is better:

-EasyRx provides one application for all practice prescriptions, both for in-house and commercial
-You manage all of your lab prescriptions from a single login and one application. No longer juggle multiple logins to different sites
-In a few clicks, you can access all your patient's STL files, appliance history, and track your cases progress.
-Our available practice management integration allows you to instantly pull your patients' data into your appliance prescription, saving you valuable time.
-EasyRx maintains your data per ADA and HIPAA mandates.
-EasyRx is easy to use (hey, we had to say it!)

What if my preferred lab does not use EasyRx?

Labs can sign up at NO cost to receive your cases making it easy to connect with your lab through EasyRx.

After creating your account, you can easily invite your lab to signup for EasyRx to accept EasyRx prescriptions from you. Or let us know and we can contact your lab to help them get on board- it's quick, easy, and we even provide free on-boarding for your lab.

However, if they prefer a more manual process: Just print out the EasyRx prescription and mail or email to your lab. And you can still benefit from all the great features of EasyRx!

I do not use a 3D Scanner - how will EasyRx benefit my practice?

Did you know that not all EasyRx customers have 3D scanners? That's right-- EasyRx provides benefits to your practice whether you doing traditional plaster models or impressions or do a blend of both plaster and digital models.

Practices that are doing traditional impressions or plaster models can use EasyRx to:

-Create your lab prescriptions in seconds
-Ease of looking up prescription history for patients
-Request remakes/repairs in 1 click
-Optionally Print an Rx Prescription form that is neat, legible and can be included in the box with the patient models.
-See when the lab checked it in a case, when it’s been shipped, and access tracking numbers
-Securely communicate with your lab and clinical staff using our Message Center and Notifications
-Fill out patient information automatically using our Practice Management Integration.
-Store Rx history securely for per ADA and HIPAA compliance mandates
-Write the unique Prescription ID number on the box or baggie your model is contained in, eliminating the need to write or print sensitive patient data. Your lab can easily match this number in EasyRx to match the model to the correct Rx with all the necessary info!

I have multiple sites/locations/offices, how does that work?

Since EasyRx is 100% cloud-based, this is easy! We support multiple office locations from one account, saving you time, money, and most of all: the need to memorize multiple login credentials!

You can connect from anywhere; multiple-location, from home, from the beach, where ever. There are no user license fees. We believe in working smart by giving users great accessibility.

What about security?

We understand security is so important, we devoted an entire page to Security. Check it out here!

EasyRx is built on the most current web technologies and is referred to as a LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP. These technologies are widely used by many cloud based applications.

Do I keep ownership of my data?

Yes, you own your data and this is clearly stated in our License Agreement and Terms of Use.

What kind of hardware and system requirements do I need?

EasyRx is 100% cloud-based and runs in your browser. EasyRx runs great on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. If you plan to use EasyRx 3D, 8GB of RAM is required.

How do I integrate this with my practice management system?

EasyRx integrates with most practice management software vendors, including Dolphin, Orthotrac, topsOrtho, Cloud 9, Ortho2 Edge, Oasys, Wave Ortho, Focus and EagleSoft software. Access to software integrations is available on Standard, 3D Standard and Premium Plans. You can visit our integration page
for a current list of integrations. We're always up for integrating with other software providers. If your software vendor is not listed, let us know and we'll contact them.

What file types can be attached to a prescription?

Well, about every standard file type out there, including STL, PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, BMP, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint. The list is kind of endless. If you run across a file type we don't support, please let us know!

What prescription types can be created using EasyRx?

Well, just about any prescription can be created using EasyRx,

Standard Rxs like: Removables, fixed, splits, Herbst, sleep aids, indirect bonding, and aligner cases.

Does EasyRx support dental or specialty prescriptions?

Yes! Write all patient lab prescriptions, including gp, orthodontic, pediatric, or any specialty, using The EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form. Check out this short video to learn more:

How does EasyRx know the standard pricing from my lab?

Labs can optionally configure standard pricing for all of their parts, appliances and templates and options like tech time. If your lab doesn't have pricing configured on EasyRx, you can let them know to add it. All lab accounts have the ability to list pricing for their customers to see the cost of an Rx before it's submitting.

EasyRx can access the lab's standard pricing as prescriptions are created and submitted because EasyRx is 100% cloud. No need to sync, download, or wait for updates. The program can access all needed data real time.

I only want to use EasyRx to base STL files for printing, is that possible?

Yes, you can do that. For practices, EasyRx 3D - Standard includes EasyRx 3D Base, allowing you to base STL files for 3D printing. If you don't wish to use EasyRx to submit and manage your lab prescriptions, you can add patients, upload STL and use EasyRx 3D to trim, base, and label files. Additionally, EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal can digitally remove brackets from STL files.

Does EasyRx support digital bracket removal?

Yes! EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal can digitally remove brackets from STL files. EasyRx 3D Bracket Removal is available on EasyRx 3D – Standard and Premium plans got an additional fee.

I am using in-house aligner software, why do I need EasyRx?

In-house Clear Aligner software is only one component of clear aligner workflow, you also need workflow to submit and manage your clear aligner cases. EasyRx is this solution. EasyRx helps you take your in-house aligner workflow to the next level! EasyRx offers a complete digital workflow to track and manage in-house aligner cases, including practice management and scanner integrations and the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System. Learn more about the EasyRx Aligner Tracking System here. Available on EasyRx Practice Premium plans.

What if I want to stop using EasyRx?

No problem (except we will be a little disappointed). At any time you can cancel from the Billing Options page. Cancellation is immediate and you only pay for the number of days you have used EasyRx in the current month.

What is the relationship between EasyRx and Jenmar International?

EasyRx acquired Jenmar International in July of 2019, making EasyRx the only fully integrated practice facing lab prescription, digital workflow, 3D software and comprehensive lab management software platform for practices and labs. Learn more about EasyRx and Jenmar here.