November 2017 EasyRx Update and Newsletter released

Wow, it feels like it was Labor Day two days ago. Now, it is Thanksgiving week. Only 6 or so weeks till 2018 – where did the time go?!?  We hope everyone has had a great fall and we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. 
Even with the shorter daylight hours, we’ve managed to find time to work on adding new features, enhancements, “tweaks” and new parts to EasyRx. We’re excited to post a new update to EasyRx today. 

Big New Features:

  • Stats
  • OrthoAnalyzer integration 
  • “S” Column on the Dashboard
  • Print Label (beta)
  • iTero integration refinements
  • Several other nice tweaks and refinements
EasyRx 3D Edit (Limited Release)
EasyRx 3D Edit has been in limited released for a couple months now.  Daily, over 50 practices and labs are basing STL files. So far, these customers have based over 3,000 models. Pretty impressive.  Here are a few tweaks included in this update:
  • When using EasyModelTrim, when the trim path is complete, EasyModelTrim is now marked as complete
  • Trimming and basing Sirona STL files is now supported
  • Improvements to trimming and basing SureSmile STL Files
  • Improvements to trimming and basing iTero iCast files
  • Trim points no longer show on EasyRx based files
  • For labs, EasyFS now shows a patient folder in addition to a prescription folder
We anticipate moving EasyRx 3D Edit to general release after January 1st.  
 New Parts Added:

We added a few new parts to the EasyRx Universal Library of Parts and Appliances:

    • Fixed Palatal Expander
    • Fixed Palatal Expander with Hooks
    • HAAS Palatal Separator w/ Arms
    • VECS Palate Expander
    • Full Occlusal Coverage
    • Miranda TPA
    • Invisible Retainer – Upper and Lower parts added
    • Tongue Spur -the Tongue Spur can now be placed on the upper and lower
    • 10MM Buccal Tube – No Hooks
The EasyRx Lab Network:
  • The EasyRx Lab network continues to grow.  There are now 105 EasyRx labs accepting cases!  Woohoo!
As always, we’ve put together the What’s New November Update KB.
We’re around if needed.


The EasyRx Team