New EasyRx “EasyVid” Video Tutorials Released

The team at EasyRx is very excited to present a whole new level of awesome-ness: As part of an initiative to expand customer support resources, there now is an up-to-date video tutorial series called EasyRx EasyVids to help new customers learn EasyRx, and existing customers brush-up on new and existing features!

Heading this initiative is Khashi Rahmani, the EasyRx Business Development Coordinator. Khashi shares that “Part of what makes EasyRx so seamless is that we provide web-based training to get customers using their account in typically less than 60 minutes. We’ve learned that practices are sometimes so busy that scheduling a web-based training is not always feasible. So we wanted to provide another creative way to learn EasyRx: We crafted the EasyRx EasyVid series!”

The EasyVids give customers the power to choose any topic or feature of EasyRx to learn at their own pace through video-based walk-throughs. The videos are relatively short so even a newbie can learn how to submit their first EasyRx case, efficiently, within the time it takes to eat a quick lunch. This, combined with the EasyRx Knowledge Base, will give every customer a chance to master all the time saving and handy features EasyRx.

The EasyRx EasyVid series can be found on the Support page, with a direct link here. The videos are added weekly and even EasyRx Labs will get their own EasyVids. Be sure to go check out what’s currently available and subscribe to the EasyRx Youtube Channel to stay in-the-know as new videos release!