EasyRx now integrates with 3Shape TRIOS scanners

EasyRx is proud to announce an integration with 3Shape TRIOS scanners! Over the past few months, the EasyRx team has collaborated with 3Shape to enable an integration that will allow EasyRx Practices using TRIOS scanners to create prescriptions from their TRIOS scans in EasyRx. EasyRx Labs will likewise be able to receive and view the TRIOS scans along with the matching prescription drawings and supporting files on their end.

You can read the official press release from 3Shape here (in PDF format):

Official Press Release from 3Shape on the EasyRx integration 

To help users get starts on how to configure the integration, we’ve made available two helpful tutorials in our Knowledge Base:

Guide for EasyRx Practices

Guide for EasyRx Labs

We will continue listening to EasyRx customers to further develop EasyRx to provide an ultra-compatible platform to connect Practices with their Labs like never before.