EasyRx now integrates with In Hand Dental

ATLANTA – September 15, 2022 – EasyRx®, a leading provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for labs and practices, announced a new integration with In Hand Dental, a remote monitoring app used by dentists and orthodontists. The integration allows EasyRx prescription information to be shared between EasyRx and In Hand Dental.

“We are very excited to work with the team at In Hand Dental to integrate our two products. More and more practices are implementing remote monitoring; integrating EasyRx and In Hand Dental combines multiple single-point solutions into one workflow for both the practice and the patient to create a powerful remote monitoring workflow.  I’m sure our common customers will greatly benefit from the integration”, said Todd Blankenbecler, President, and CEO of EasyRx.

“We are excited to integrate our platform with EasyRx to further our mission to provide practices with remote monitoring, live virtual calls, lead generation, and recall solutions in one application. By working with EasyRx, this will streamline the workflow for a practice from prescription ordering to patient treatment plan monitoring”, said Mike Gassman, President of In Hand Dental