EasyRx Announces Release of EasyRx Digitize, Impression to Digital File Conversion Service

ATLANTA – June 13, 2022 – EasyRx®, a leading provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for labs and practices, announced the release of EasyRx Digitize, Impression to Digital File Conversion service. 

EasyRx Digitize allows users to convert plaster impressions to digital STL files and automatically attach the scans to EasyRx prescriptions. With no mess, no labor, and no fuss for the practice or receiving lab, EasyRx Digitize creates a streamlined digital workflow for plaster cases.   

Plaster impressions are converted to digital files in a few easy steps. Users can simply select EasyRx Digitize when submitting an EasyRx prescription, ship the impressions to EasyRx using the auto-generated shipping label, and digital files are attached within 48 hours after impressions are received at EasyRx.  The case can then be put into production, using the STL files, updating the workflow in EasyRx.   

“EasyRx Digitize allows practices continuing to take physical impressions to participate in digital workflow process like aligner treatments.  No longer is it required to own an intra-oral scanner to share digital files with labs and other manufacturers, “says Todd Blankenbecler, President & CEO of EasyRx.  

EasyRx Debuts 3D Command Center

ATLANTA – February 16, 2022 – EasyRx®, a leading provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for dentists and orthodontists, announced the release of its 3D Command Center to provide a central location for all EasyRx 3D tasks and streamline the 3D process for practices and labs. 

The 3D Command Center allows users to review all stereolithography (STL) files, access EasyRx 3D and printer integrations, request automated services like bracket removal and auto basing, download files and mark files as printed. 

Following a successful beta testing period, the addition of the 3D Command Center to EasyRx 3D will enable users to move through the 3D editing process with ease, saving time at practices and labs. 

“The 3D Command Center further enhances the EasyRx lab prescription process, adding a centralized screen to manage 3D printing, which is critical to in-house and commercial lab workflows,” said Todd Blankenbecler, presidentand CEO of EasyRx. 

EasyRx Announces Release of Freeform Cutting Plane to EasyRx 3D

ATLANTA – January 10, 2022

EasyRx, comprehensive case management and 3D software, has recently announced the addition of an integrated Freeform Cutting Plane to EasyRx 3D. The Freeform Custting Plane supports placing a cutting plan anywhere on a model, facing whatever direction and at whatever angle is necessary. For example, models can be segmented to only keep a section of the teeth when the model is printed or custom angled cuts on solid bases. Benefits include models trimmed and based with the Freeform Cutting Plane requiring less resin when printed.

“We continue to enhance EasyRx 3D, from feedback from users, improving EasyRx 3D for all our customers. The Freeform Cutting Plane is a great enhancement to EasyRx 3D,” said Todd Blankenbecler, President, and CEO of EasyRx.