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To help, we’ve listed some of the more frequently asked questions. If this does not answer all of your concerns, please email or call us. We love talking (or typing) about EasyRx.


The EasyRx Team

I received an invitation to signup for EasyRx, what do I do?

Great news! The invitation most likely came from a current customer and they want to send you prescriptions via EasyRx. Follow the link in the email to signup for EasyRx. There are three account types: Connected, Standard + EasyRx 3D, and Enterprise. Connected allows you to receive EasyRx prescriptions at no cost.

What is the difference between Lab - Connected, Standard + EasyRx 3D, and Enterprise?

Connected - Allows you to receive, accept and modify submitted EasyRx prescriptions including attached digital files (STLs)
Standard + EasyRx 3D - In addition to receiving prescriptions, you can create patients and attach scanned 3D STL files
Enterprise - Includes the features in Standard, 3D Model and Premium and adds the invoicing, production and detailed reporting features.

For a complete listing of all the features, here

How do practices know our standard pricing?

You'll setup your standard pricing for parts, appliances, templates and options modeling services, wires options, etc. As practices create Rxs to submit to your lab, these standard prices are displayed. If you do not show pricing, the standard price is shown as $0.00.

Is it required to enter standard pricing?

No, it is not required. Of course, we recommend entering your standard pricing, -- your practices really benefit seeing your standard pricing on prescriptions.

Do I own my data after it is uploaded to EasyRx?

Great question. Yes, you own your data and this is clearly stated in our Terms of Service agreement and on our Security page.

Can I stop using EasyRx?

Yes, of course. At any time you can cancel from the Billing Options page. Cancellation is immediate and you only pay for the number of days you have used EasyRx in the current month.

Are there any surprise fees?

Like you, we don't like surprise fees either. We've worked hard to simplify our pricing model. What you see is what you get. Feel free to contact us to help you determine which account type is right for your business needs. You can upgrade or downgrade your plans at any time as well.

What about security?

We understand security is so important, we devoted an entire page to Security. Check out our Security page here

Why EasyRx?

There are so many "whys" we've devoted an entire page to "Why EasyRx", here

On what technologies is EasyRx developed?

EasyRx is built on the most current web technologies and is referred to as a LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP. These technologies are widely used by many cloud-based applications.

Must a practice use EasyRx for me to benefit from using EasyRx?

No! If you signup for Lab Standard + EasyRx 3D or Lab Enterprise, you can create Rxs and take advantage of all of the great features on EasyRx. You'll also be to receive Rxs. And as an EasyRx lab -- any practice using EasyRx can connect to you.

I have or want to offer a 3D Modeling Service, does EasyRx support this?

Yes we do! You can scan physical models and attach the STL file to any EasyRx. There is a Digital Models configuration screen where you define your 3D modeling prices.

What types of prescriptions can be created using EasyRx?

Well, just about any prescription can be created, including all standard Rxs like removeables, fixed, splits, and Herbst and indirect bonding and aligner cases. If you have a request, we encourage you to contact us.

Can I customize the EasyRx Library of Parts, Appliances and Templates?

Yes! We understand the importance of customizing our standard Library. And we believe the EasyRx Universal Library is flexible to supports your specific needs.

For Parts, you can customize the part number, price, and category.

Appliances can be customized or created - using any combination of Parts or Appliances and assigned to categories and specific practices.

Templates can be created from any combination or Appliance and has additional customization options. Templates can be assigned to some or all of your practices.

What kind of hardware / system requirements do I need?

EasyRx is 100% cloud and runs in a browser. EasyRx runs smoothly on all PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone running Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. We recommend using Chrome for the best experience.

Do you offer training? How much training do I need? What are the costs?

Yes, we do offer training. All training is done remotely via web conference. We do also have free and very useful Knowledge Base articles to help you self-learn you account.

For Connected and Standard - We do not require training. We can offer a helpful 45 to 60 minute remote training session if needed.
For Premium - we don't require training. After a few days, you may want to schedule a 1 hour session to answer final questions.
For Enterprise, we recommend a full on-boarding implementation plan. Enterprise consists of a full workflow and production module that would be best to have an EasyRx trainer walk you and your staff through.

Also, we have extensive online help and videos to help get you up and running.

An on-boarding implementation plan is $995