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EasyRx’s 3D AI Bracket Removal software makes running your orthodontic practice easier 

Every day in your orthodontic practice is full of duties requiring attention; scanning for aligners, adjusting braces, and communicating with patients are only a few that scratch the surface of a seemingly never-ending pile of responsibilities. Bracket removal often feels like another lengthy treatment in the long list of time-consuming chair time tasks. You need the most efficient processes to check off such a long list.  

Luckily, widespread digitalization has effectively streamlined most of the everyday tasks in your office: scheduling, scanning, billing, and paperwork are now more manageable with the intervention of technology.  

Bracket removal is now among the processes that your orthodontic practice can automate. With the proper tools, automated bracket removal can save your practice valuable hours, eliminate costs, and shorten treatment time. 

Stop wasting hours of orthodontists’ time 

Typically, when an STL file uploads into your system, your lab technicians must manually remove brackets before proceeding with the 3D printing process. Considering how many of your patients have brackets that need removal, this process can take hours.  

EasyRx AI Bracket Removal eliminates unnecessary steps, fast-forwarding you and your patient to the retainer process. Instead of relying on your lab technicians’ valuable time, EasyRx’s software automatically scans STL files, removes brackets, and creates a new file—all with zero interaction. 

Make appointments more productive (requiring fewer of them) 

Since bracket removal can be completed automatically, you can scan your patients’ teeth while they’re still wearing brackets. Scanning with brackets helps you multi-task, eliminating the added steps of scanning after bracket removal and waiting several weeks for the retainer to be made.  

With this capability, you’ll be able to give patients same-day retainers, so you won’t have to make as many appointments for the same patient. Your patients will be happier because they don’t have to take additional hours out of their calendars to visit you. They also get the immediate gratification of progressing their treatment into its final stages.  

Control treatment time and cost 

Notably, fewer appointments ensure patient satisfaction and shield your practice from unnecessary expenses and overextended treatment times. Since AI Bracket Removal allows you to offer patients same-day retainers, you can expedite treatment times and gain better control over the patient cycle. And with faster treatments, you won’t risk making extra appointments that go over set costs and aren’t profitable.  

Productive appointments with same-day retainers can also help your practice avoid no-shows in the future since patients don’t have to find additional time in their busy schedules. The result saves your office budget from being wasted on staff and clinical costs that would go towards accommodating missing patients.  

Similarly, the staff expenses you’ll save with longer intervals between visits are worth mentioning. When you analyze your patient-to-staff ratio, you can adjust your operational budget to coordinate your staff with your appointment schedule. 

Additionally, if you’re trying to grow your practice, shorter treatment times with fewer appointments allow room for new patients. The result paves the way for your business’s success and overall stability. 

EasyRx 3D AI Bracket Removal Is the Breakthrough Software Your Practice Needs 

Your orthodontic practice needs to find ways to shorten treatment and chair time while boosting overall quality to be efficient and successful. EasyRx AI Bracket Removal does both. It minimizes staff effort and enhances patients’ experiences with a more streamlined method. 

Implementing digital bracket removal is an excellent way to save time and money while maintaining patient satisfaction. By modernizing the final steps of the patient journey, you can transform your practice into the stable and productive business you’ve always envisioned.    


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