The team at EasyRx is very excited to announce that our EasyRx Lab “Per-Script” Plan is now available at no cost! The Lab “Per-Script” plan is our first tier plan available for orthodontic lab’s to use EasyRx. Using Lab “Per Script , labs can receive EasyRx prescriptions digitally, download attached digital files, including STL, communicate with their practices, check-in, and even provide shipped tracking numbers–all from one cloud-based account!  We’ve introduced this new pricing to allow EasyRx Practice customers to connect with more labs and help more labs receive Rx’s from their current practices.
A peek at the EasyRx Per-Script Lab’s Dashboard

Don’t worry, we are mindful that every lab can be different which is why we offer other, more integrated options for Lab customers. Other plans include EasyRx Lab Standard, which allows labs to create patients and attach STL files, EasyRx Lab Premium plan  which allows labs to create prescriptions and  provide better workflow tracking, and our EasyRx Lab Enterprise plan that includes a full set of production capabilities including the ability to invoice your customers. For a full list of features and plan options, please visit our lab features and pricing page on our website.

One of our Co-Founders, Mike Wright, wanted to share that:
“We are so excited about EasyRx’s capabilities that we’d like to share it’s potential with every lab. We know this will help break down all the barriers and make receiving digital prescriptions a reality. Our goal is to propel the entire industry forward and labs are an integral part of this digital revolution.”

For additional information or questions, we welcome you to reach out to our Business Development Coordinator, Khashi Rahmani, at [email protected] or call directly at 1-888-340-3751 x700.

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