ATLANTA, October 2021 – EasyRx®, the leading provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software in the dental and orthodontic space, announced a new integrated payment processing solution for its VisualDLP users that allows dental labs to quickly, easily and securely accept client payments within the platform. 

Lab professionals and their customers increasingly demand more flexible payment options such as credit card and e-check, and the new EasyRx Pay solution offers these safe, convenient methods while streamlining operations to save time and resources.  

“Our proprietary payments platform is built specifically for dental labs, and its automated and streamlined processes will free up time for other tasks by simplifying the entire payment experience,” said Todd Blankenbecler, CEO of EasyRx. “This payments solution advances our objective to provide increased convenience and efficiency for our VisualDLP clients, and in turn, for their customers.”  

With the adoption of EasyRx Pay, dental labs will enjoy all the benefits of integrated electronic payments, including: 

  • A streamlined experience with digital payments integrated directly into the VisualDLP platform; 
  • Cost savings via flat-rate, transparent pricing; 
  • Improved cash flow with quicker payments (no more waiting for checks in the mail!); 
  • PCI-compliance that ensures greater security than paper checks; 
  • Convenient billing through online invoices and scheduled recurring payments. 

Blankenbecler added, “This enhanced feature will build loyalty and drive growth for our lab clients as it’s a feature that people continually request and have come to expect in this digital age. The EasyRx team is dedicated to serving the evolving needs of labs, and we’re pleased to continue investing in the dental industry through this exciting product.” 

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