ATLANTA – February 2, 2022–

EasyRx, a comprehensive case management and 3D software, and Gaidge, an essential practice analytics and financial software that helps practice owners run their businesses better, have announced a strategic partnership. 

EasyRx and Gaidge share a like-minded approach and the partnership aims to introduce practices to data and process visualization, driving efficiencies in their practice.  The complementary services offer orthodontists the ability to remain at the forefront of the latest technologies in order to gain operational and business advantages.  

“We’re excited about this alignment and look forward to all that the partnership will offer our users. Gaidge provides critical data analytics for orthodontic practices, and we believe that this partnership will help both of companies grow and strive” said Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO of EasyRx.  

While the two software systems operate independently, the partnership is founded in a shared vision to create advanced technology that helps our clients streamline operations, increase profitability and manage all aspects of the operational and financial workflow. EasyRx offers practice owners streamlined lab management services and with Gaidge, doctors and teams have access to the tools that measure performance and overhead costs in easy-to-understand dashboards and charts.  

“Visualization equals understanding when it comes to performance metrics. When orthodontists can not only experience the value of EasyRx but when using Gaidge in tandem, they are actually able to see the efficiency in their operations and monitor their lab expenses – It’s a synergy that makes sense. We are proud to partner with EasyRx”said Ryan Moynihan, CEO Gaidge. 


To learn more about the partnership, contact EasyRx at [email protected] or Gaidge by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-287-3396 

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