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Eliminating Bottlenecks with Digital Lab Management Workflow 

An orthodontic lab needs digital workflow for several reasons. They can become bogged down by high demand, complex cases, and misunderstandings. All of these disrupt productivity and cause significant delays—and with delays come dissatisfied customers and increased costs. 

One of the main reasons orthodontic labs catch themselves in a bind is that they’re using multiple inefficient systems to manage workflows. Switching between different systems or scanners can slow down your lab and make it difficult to get things done quickly, which can be especially frustrating if you’re working on a tight deadline or have a high volume of cases. 

Nothing can be more frustrating—to technicians, orthodontists, and patients—than systems that cause errors and treatment delays.  

If you’re tired of holding your orthodontic lab back with these problems, here are five reasons EasyRx for Lab’s digital workflow software is the multipurpose tool you need to set your lab up for continued success. 

1. Efficiency with Ease  

Tracking and coordinating the many processes involved in creating orthodontic appliances can be difficult when relying on multiple systems. Attempting to complete tasks manually with handwritten notes and paper-based record-keeping is equally ineffective, slowing your lab down. 

EasyRx is aptly named because it’s designed to make your job easier with digital solutions. By streamlining and automating essential processes, this all-in-one software simplifies: 

  • Case submissions: Receive and review digital case submissions from dentists and orthodontists, so there’s no need for paper case submissions. Plus, you’ll save time on shipping and handling. 
  • Order tracking: Track and manage orders within the system, which allows lab staff to easily see the status of each case and identify any bottlenecks in the workflow. 
  • Automation of tasks: Automate tasks that typically take hours, such as 3D bracket removal, basing, and PTS trim line file output.  

With easier and more efficient processes stored in one place, your lab gets faster turnaround times—attracting more lifelong customers. 

2. Expanded Capabilities Through Software Integrations  

In addition to making your job easier with a faster digital workflow for the lab, another time-saving solution offered is integration with other software. With the right software integrations, your lab never has to leave the platform to complete important tasks. 

Moreover, EasyRx can integrate with various dental and orthodontic practice management software. Our integrations allow lab technicians to receive digital case submissions directly from practices. This expedites the case submission process and eliminates the need for manual data entry. 

Plus, EasyRx integrates with shipping carriers, allowing you to track shipments and receive automatic notifications when cases are delivered or shipped. With this insight, you can improve order tracking and management to keep everything on schedule. 

3. Effective Collaboration with Better Communication 

In your orthodontic lab, miscommunication and a lack of transparency can cause errors in appliance production, disrupting collaboration between orthodontists and technicians. But with EasyRx, your lab can exchange information quickly. 

See the change with better: 

  • Fast access to relevant information: Patient records, treatment plans, and other relevant documents are quickly accessible. This is even more efficient if you invite your practices to submit cases through EasyRx. 
  • Easy-to-use messaging: Conveniently communicate with practices and lab staff without relying on third-party programs like email apps. You can also directly leave notes and comments on digital case submissions. 
  • Track case progress: Share where each prescription is in the process so that you can accurately provide practices with information. 

With faster, more transparent communication, your lab can also intervene with issues that could slow down appliance production. As a result, you’ve incentivized practices to choose your lab over others. 

4. Improve Operations with Data Insight 

You need to know where to improve to truly stand out and differentiate your lab. EasyRx’s Data Analytics and Statistics can give your lab valuable insight, allowing you to track everything from the number of cases you’ve received to the dentists sending them your way. You can also measure your lab’s performance with key performance indicators (KPIs) like turnaround time and customer satisfaction. 

Further, these features’ insights are fundamental to your lab’s success. Analyzing this data lets you make informed decisions about everything from resource allocation to workflow optimization. It also helps with marketing. With this insight, you get a clear picture of your customer base and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. 

5. Gain Trust with a Commitment to Security 

In the orthodontic industry, a lab’s ability to handle sensitive information is critical. With the privacy concerns of paper-based manual processing, digital record-keeping is the best way to keep patients’ information safe.  

Yet, despite these measures, data breaches are still an unfortunately common occurrence. Today, many cybersecurity breaches are caused by hacking or IT incidents.  

Patients expect care providers to keep their information private, so when practices choose your lab, they have high expectations. You can demonstrate your commitment to security with EasyRx. We use secure servers and encryption to protect patient data, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

  • Payment data security: We use Stripe, a PCI-DSS-compliant, highly certified service provider. 
  • External and internal security audits: We conduct regular check-ups of our website and domain to maintain information safety. 
  • Secure physical location: AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the reliable and secure cloud hosting platform that hosts EasyRx. 
  • Available staff: Staff are on-call to resolve concerns, ensuring EasyRx is always working. 
  • Cybersecurity: Black Talon, the dental industry’s leader in cybersecurity solutions, audits EasyRx and upholds our HIPAA compliance. 

By using the best security measures with the latest technology, your lab demonstrates a genuine commitment to patient privacy. That commitment builds trust and helps you stand out from the competition. 

Lab Digital Workflow Made Easier 

EasyRx Lab’s centralized platform allows your lab to manage its operations conveniently and efficiently—without all the extra steps. Using one system for multiple workflows and task automation helps your lab be more productive and have transparent, easier communication.  

With EasyRx, you gain a reliable and secure system for the many workflows your lab relies on every day. Digital workflow for your lab makes cumbersome tasks like tracking prescriptions and monitoring financial analytics easier.  

With easier workflows, your lab can make the big obstacles smaller for a clear path towards growth. 


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