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Elevate Your Dental Digital Workflow with VisualDLP’s Advanced Solutions  

The benefits of dental lab management software are substantial. The right platform can help your lab run more efficiently, organize workflows, and deliver accurate and timely appliances. But without the right software, keeping up with the demands of modern dental laboratory can be a challenge.   

In a competitive industry, staying ahead means having digital technology that enables you to advance your lab’s capabilities. Here are the five EasyRx VisualDLP features that’ll set your lab apart, streamline operations, and elevate case management.  

1. One Dashboard for Client & Production Management 

Operating with a complex interface can slow down your lab’s workflow and frustrate everyone on your team. VisualDLP, with its intuitive design, addresses this challenge head-on. Its user-friendly interface makes finding files and training straightforward, even for newer staff.  

In one dashboard, your team can access:  

  • Treatment images and files, enhancing your team’s ability to efficiently review necessary visual details.  
  • Comprehensive doctors’ notes, leading to accurately crafted appliances from the outset.  
  • Incoming order receipts, streamlining their integration into your lab’s workflow.  

Plus, VisualDLP allows your lab to tailor operations to reflect your unique cases and workflows. You can personalize forms like invoices, statements, and work tickets to reflect your lab’s brand and improve financial understanding. You’ll be able to eliminate redundancies, organize schedules, and manage resources more effectively.  

2. Seamless Shipping, Invoicing, & Tracking  

If your lab’s orders always go missing, you likely understand the impact this can have on your work. These problems lead to delays, strained relationships, and lower efficiency in the lab. That’s a negative hit to your reputation and revenue.   

VisualDLP makes order processing more seamless with full visibility into the entire case journey:  

  • Access precise shipping details matching billing to avoid disputes and maintain your lab’s reputation.  
  • View real-time order tracking for proactive workflow management and error reduction.  
  • Customize invoices, statements, and work tickets for accurate recordkeeping that reflects your lab’s unique style.  

With VisualDLP, you’ll know where your orders are (and when they’ll arrive), simplifying management from starting to finish.  

3. Streamlined Communication & Digital Workflow  

In your busy dental lab, it’s important to keep track of prescriptions and communicate with clients regularly. However, it can be challenging to manage every single interaction. Between misplaced information or unclear instructions, it’s all too easy for crucial details to slip through the cracks.   

Moreover, VisualDLP enables you to address your communication challenges. It works well with EasyRx Lab for better communication and digital workflow, improving daily operations.  

  • Receive digital prescriptions and attached files from intraoral scans directly, reducing the chance of manual entry errors.  
  • Maintain clear and consistent communication with dental practices, ensuring accuracy in every prescription.  
  • Digitize your entire workflow, from receiving orders to managing production, for greater efficiency.  
  • Enhance case management capabilities to streamline your workflow, from initial receipt to final delivery.  

By adopting VisualDLP, your lab can enjoy a more organized, efficient approach to managing prescriptions. You’ll also communicate more effectively, allowing you to deliver better customer service.  

4. Digital Shortcuts with Integrations & Automation   

Inefficient manual workflows significantly hamper productivity, especially when spread across different systems. When your technicians struggle with manual order entries, disjointed billing processes, or frequent scheduling issues, your lab’s efficiency and output quality inevitably suffer. As you tally up the hours lost, you’ll see that these fragmented systems do more harm than good.  

But with seamless integrations and time-saving automation, you can leave manual workflows behind.

VisualDLP addresses your lab’s most frustrating hiccups:  

  • Drastically cut manual data input by automating case entry, enhancing accuracy and freeing up time for essential lab tasks.  
  • Improve transaction accuracy and streamline financial operations by integrating billing processes.  
  • Increase lab capacity and minimize client wait times by optimizing scheduling, efficiently managing time and resources.  

Your lab’s success hinges on its efficiency and ability to deliver promptly. Using VisualDLP’s automation features helps your lab reach its full potential, ensuring high-quality and fast services. 

5. Robust Reporting & Data Management 

For modern dental labs, data is one of the most powerful assets. It allows you to evaluate your lab’s workflow efficiency, financial health, and client satisfaction. Without these insights, you could overlook critical areas for improvement and optimization — preventing your lab’s growth.  

VisualDLP allows your lab to analyze its most important operations, from case turnaround times to financial performance. It helps you uncover trends, pinpoint disruptions, and identify opportunities for improvement.   

Plus, VisualDLP organizes essential data — like patient details and material usage — making it more secure and easier to find. This enables your team to prevent errors, improve work efficiency, and customize treatment planning. VisualDLP transforms lab data into a valuable tool for making smart choices, helping you excel in a competitive market.  

VisualDLP: The Ultimate Dental Technology for a Streamlined Lab   

Managing a dental lab comes with its set of challenges. Keeping up with complex case management, ensuring efficient workflows, and maintaining accurate records requires a robust management system.  

With EasyRx VisualDLP, your lab gains the digital dentistry tools it needs to navigate these challenges smoothly. It simplifies your lab’s complex processes, making tasks like reporting, scheduling, and order tracking straightforward and efficient. It lifts the burden of manual labor, freeing you to concentrate on delivering the highest quality digital dental solutions.  

Ready to see how EasyRx VisualDLP can improve your lab’s workflows? Book a demo for commercial labs to enhance your lab management.  


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